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Jobs  Vacancy : Fresh Career Employment at Action Against Hunger May 2019


Job Description : Fresh Work opportunities at Action Against Hunger May 2019


Action Against Hunger works to save lives by combating hunger and diseases that threaten the lives of vulnerable communities, through nutrition, food security, water and sanitation, health and advocacy.

Job Title : Logistics Assistant (Fleet)

Job Type:Full Time


Location :Borno

Job Field :Logistics

Location: Monguno, Borno
Job Type: Full Time
Starting Date: As Soon As Possible
Direct Line Manager: Logistics Manager

Objective 1

Ensure the cost-effective and efficient running of Action Against Hunger Vehicle – fleet

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Supervises the maintenance of all vehicles with full support from the Base Logistician, Lead Driver and Mechanics.

Weekly movement plan to be share and consolidated share with all program staffs

Update movement board

Track daily vehicle usage

Makes sure that the vehicles are equipped with adequate items (bush, town), liaison according to the log book.  I.e. safety Equipment like fire extinguisher, water, spare tyre, Jake, first aid Kit etc.

Check and Consolidated the vehicle log sheet (movement tracking sheet) on daily/monthly bases

Planning of vehicle maintenance, service according to ACF /Kitlog 3.6V.

Update the list of equipment in the vehicle on a monthly basis and assume a physical check each six months

Keep physical files on each vehicle with Logbook copies, maintenance and repair costs and fuel consumption.

Objective 2

Organisation of movement plan and maintenance

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Collect the weekly movement requests from programs, consolidate and send for approval to FieldCo and SSco

Report to the Base Logistician in case on major shortage of vehicles and plan the allocation accordingly.

Help in arranging the transportation of goods from the base to the field site and organise KISS movements

Objective 3

Monthly Reporting and support

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Consolidate all the vehicle log sheet for the monthly Motor cost report and submit at each 30th day of the month.

Track daily car hire usage of Monguno and all sub bases according to approved Agreement Form and submit to Log manager on weekly basis

Consolidates the fuel consumption and keeps record, monitors the current stock and requests the base log for refuelling once it’s at reorder level.

Provide the base logistician with base management – repair and maintenance, energy management etc.

Objective 4

Human Resource Management

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Supervision of drivers on duty.

Development of Roaster for Drivers

Leave Schedule and tracking for the drivers

Assist in planning/making the drivers’ rotational and leave schedule with the support of the lead driver

Internal & External Relationship

Base Logistician: hierarchical relationship – technical support – exchange of information, collaboration on planning and all base matters   regarding fleet management

Logistic Manager: General support and Supervision

Other Programme Managers: exchange of information and coordination (integrated approach)


Local governmental and non-governmental partners: exchange of information, coordination,

Local suppliers: exchange of information, coordination, influence on the choice of technical options

Local representatives of international aid organisations: exchange of information

Position Requirements

Diploma in Logistic/Business Administration and Management or equivalent qualification.

Skills & Experience

Strong computer skills, and familiarity with Microsoft Word and Excel.

Ability to manage and follow work plans.

Good interpersonal skills (communication, able to negotiate, influence, give effective feedback, be a team player).

Able to manage stress effectively, juggle competing priorities, balance various programmatic, logistic and team needs.


Highly motivated, and flexible.

Strong verbal and written communication skills

Previous experience working with local/international NGO

Good interpersonal skills

Gross Basic Salary

N156,995 –  N252,100 per month.

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Job Title : Safety and Security Manager

Job Type:Full Time


Experience:3 years

Location: Borno

Job Field:NGO/Non-Profit

Location: Maiduguri, Borno
Starting date: As Soon As Possible
Direct Line Manager: Area Coordinator

Tasks and Responsibilities
Objective 1 – Overall Safety and Security Management in Support to Programs:

As determined by the Area Co, with technical support from the SSCo represent AAH at the local/regional level to humanitarian and government representatives on related safety and security protocols and needs.

Objective 2-Liaison with Government and external actors for safety and security of AAH staffs:

Collection of information regarding politics and security in all LGAs where AAH is present as well as on safety & security issues concerning AAH.

Screening of media and preparation of daily reports.

Liaison with safety and security providers including Government and security forces for updates and safe passage.

Objective 3-Risk assessments in operational and new mission areas:

Advise on the content and layout for weekly Situational Reports to Field Coordinators to ensure completion and timely submission.

Responding to security relevant incidents with information gathering and disseminating information in a timely manner for action by supervisors.

Maintenance of a state-wide network to influential actors and communication of AAHs status and mission in Nigeria.

Support and advice of programs in the field regarding safety and security information on a daily basis.

Objective 4-Assist the Area Co.’s to ensure safety/security of AAH personnel and assets:

Assist Area Co in analysis, identification, quantification and, mitigation of assessed risks.

Ensure good implementation of security rules (security plan, SOP) in the bases and program areas.

Contribute to the security plan, SOP writing and send incident reports to Area Co, CD and SSCo.

Development and maintenance of security network (formal/informal) at base levels.

Closely coordinate with Area Co for any developments on the security situation.

In coordination with Area Co, brief all staff on security and context changes as needed at base levels.

Internal & External Relationships

Area Coordinator: hierarchical relationship, technical support, exchange of information

Program Managers: exchange of information, collaboration

Support Coordinators: exchange of information and collaboration

Base Log and Admin: exchange of information and collaboration


State government and non-government partners: exchange of information, coordination, liaison, technical evaluation, support requests

Local representatives of international aid organizations: exchange of information

Position Requirements

University Degree or equivalent experience in the NGO sector.

Minimum of three (3) years of progressively responsible experience in the commercial Safety and Security business is required.

Fluent Speaking/Reading/Writing in English and Hausa languages is required. Language Proficiency will be tested.

Thorough knowledge of security operations is essential.

Skills & Experience

Ability to work structured and independently

Ability to write short coherent reports on topics of security relevance

Existing network to influential actors in Jigawa, Yobe and Borno state (e.g. on security, political, social, cultural, religious level)

Expertise on political and security situation in Jigawa, Yobe and Borno stae

Fluency in English, Hausa and Kanuri language

Experience in a humanitarian context or NGO context.

Experience in dealing with Safety & Security threats in a business / non-profit organization

Radio user.


Excellent drafting and writing skills.

Previous management experience, including management of multiple teams/department

Basic experience in Nigerian Security Forces (Military and/or Police)

Previous AAH experience

Gross Basic Salary
NGN 424,310 –  NGN 681,350 per month.

Method of Application

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Logistics Assistant (Fleet)

Safety and Security Manager

Note: Qualified women are strongly encouraged to apply.