Job Opportunity at MTN Nigeria Feb 2018


Jobs  Vacancy : Career Opening at MTN Nigeria Feb 2018


Job Description : Career Employment at MTN Nigeria Feb 2018

MTN Nigeria – The leader in telecommunications in Nigeria, and a part of a diverse community in Africa and the Middle East, our brand is instantly recognisable. It is through our compelling brand that we are able to attract the right talents who we carefully nurture by continuously improving our employment offerings even beyond reward and recognition.



To relate with and manage the legislature at the Federal  and State level; and for that purpose to undertake analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) of Bills and activities of the legislature to ensure that threats to MTN’s business are defused and opportunities are promoted. And to manage the stakeholders in the Federal and State legislature.
Identify Bills and laws impacting on MTN’s operations and conduct SWOT Analysis on same.
Monitor said Bills and laws and advise Senior Manager, Government relations on potential impact on MTN’s operations.
Ensure customer queries are handled appropriately and in compliance to the MTNN regulatory framework.
Support management and advice MTNN on interconnects agreements/relationship, licence conditions and compliance with regulations and legislation.
Manage relationships with the members of the Federal and State legislature and ensure benefits for MTN, including proactively identifying risks and advising the business.
Professional and consultative relationships with senior executive stakeholders and demonstrated ability to manage challenges with integrity, tact and diplomacy
First level interface with officials and members of relevant Working Committees (i.e. Communications, Environment, Science and Technology, Commerce, Taxation, etc.) of the Senate and House of Representatives  as well as the State Houses of Assembly
Coordinate mandatory Submissions to the above listed Committees and State Houses of Assembly
Leads the Department’s implementation of the Government’s regulatory reform measures and oversights monitoring and reporting processes to meet whole of state government requirement.
Monitors legislative and regulatory activities, oversees the implementation of policies that support MTN’s goals
Monitor and influence the legislative process for the development of said Bills into law
Manages staff who liaise between legislative entities and the organization, leads the communications and interactions, which aligns with corporate business strategies.
Cultivate and maintain an excellent relationship between the company and the National Assembly and all State Houses of Assembly
Develop detailed legislative policy on complex and sensitive issues that have nationwide -wide implications
Provide advice on complex policy and legal issues relevant to legislative projects, and ensure that policy and legislation is consistent with Departmental and Government priorities, policies and legislation.
Continuously seek self-professional development to sharpen skills and capabilities in a versatile and evolving digital landscape.
Foster active collaboration and relationships with employees across all levels and divisions in line with MTN’s VB and values.

May be required to work extended hours
Normal MTNN working conditions

LLB law degree from a recognized university
BL and call to the Nigerian bar
Fluent in English and language of country preferable

Minimum 6 years ‘post call to bar experience which includes:
Minimum of 3 years’ experience in an area of specialization with experience in supervising/managing others
In depth experience and understanding of the Nigerian telecommunications industry and regulatory framework
Experience in a commercial legal environment, alternatively within a legal & regulatory control body
Experience within the telecommunication environment is desirable.
High level oral and written communication skills including the ability to prepare substantial policy documents

Courses, Seminars, Conferences & workshops in Telecommunication Regulation
Management Development Program


To manage a team of customer service engineers responsible for the operations and performance of Enterprise Solutions products and services
Maintain the client relationship/satisfaction by ensuring a prompt response to fault reports, maximum continuity of service and minimal downtime.
Through the management chain, alert sales to possible business opportunities
Manage suppliers to ensure results are delivered in line with contractual and commercial commitments to maximise business benefits
Provide technical supervision of contractors working on ENS network infrastructure to ensure they:
Comply with appropriate SORs, specifications, controls and standards
Deliver results of an acceptable quality
Protect ENS and MTN services
Deliver value for money
Organise and check the completeness and quality and sign off Site Survey reports
Plan, organise and lead team in installation, configuration, testing and acceptance of network and customer premises equipment in accordance with established designs, project plans and performance targets
Identify deviations from plans and implement corrective actions; provide progress reports
Ensure acceptance, handover and snag list and sign-off procedures are properly completed
Manage and prioritize the allocation of trouble tickets to meet performance targets
Encourage a pro-active culture to customer requests, network events or problems
Support team by liaising with NMC, transmission teams and suppliers, etc to ensure prompt, accurate analysis and resolution of problems.
Recognise, notify and escalate problems beyond team’s capabilities area of expertise and seek prompt help from spe…ts
Analyse and report on network faults, root causes and performance
Where practical ensure service restoration before repair to comply with service availability targets.
Ensure that team completes all relevant documentation, utilising available ENS systems, to:
Capture/update network and customer records
Provide technical reports and details to support fault analysis and management reporting
Support operational planning, design engineers and product managers by allocating resource for tests and trials relating to network evolution plans and product & service development
Maintain the ENS Risk Register for the Region
Support the analysis of fault reports and performance data to identify general problems and/or shortcomings in network, equipment and configurations; work with network spe…ts to identify causes and implement solutions to resolve issues and improve performance
Maintain a positive and constructive team spirit
Ensure staff are:
Properly informed and competent to carry out assigned tasks quickly and safely
Have the necessary training, tools and testers, etc to carry out duties efficiently and effectively
Developed through involvement and/or delegation of work and responsibilities in new areas of technical and management activities
Aware of and comply with company values and policies
Assess and report on staff performance, build on strengths and take action to progress areas where further development is required

Normal MTNN working conditions.

First Degree in any relevant discipline
Numerical/data analysis skills

A degree in engineering, computing or equivalent IT certification
A minimum of 5 years experience in telecommunications engineering and installation.
Proven experience in telecommunications networks and/or in a complex, technology based, trouble shooting customer service environment
Will have a good appreciation of and/or participation in the design of systems architecture and network systems
Clear and accurate communications skills
Producing network performance, technical and other reports and documentation
Maintain accurate, up-to-date records and logs.
People management and team working skills
Ability to handle multi-tasking and progress a number of different issues simultaneously
Exhibit positive thinking, enthusiasm and motivate self and others to deliver optimum performance
Identify learning opportunities for self and colleagues
Readily shares skills and knowledge with colleagues
Commitment to quality and continuous improvement
Good self management and time management
Able to work with limited supervision, using initiative and resourcefulness to identify and resolve issues
Organise work to meet priorities as well as achieve regular commitments on time

Time Management
Report Writing
Microsoft Office Suite


BA, B.Ed, B.Sc, B.Tech or HND.


To relate with and manage Government and other stakeholders at the State and Local Government levels, including the State Houses of Assembly, all State and Local Government Agencies and parastatals, to ensure that the activities of the company to a large extent is continuous and is not impeded by government red tapism, regulations and policies that are inimical to MTN’s operational interest.
Research and identify new ways to generate revenue, as well as cost saving opportunities arising from competitive or regulatory developments.
Identify all proposed Policies  claims , and other issues  of the State & Local Governments across the country that are likely to impact legally, socially, economically  on MTN operations and prepare submissions and inputs accordingly
Monitor application of extant State and Local Government Policies, Laws & By-Laws to MTN operations by the relevant agencies & Authorities
Coordinate and advise on MTN’s CSR initiatives at the State & Local Government level together with other relevant internal stakeholder Groups/Divisions
Coordinate the regulatory activities of all MTN’s  regional government relations and community liaison personnel
Identify policy issues that impact MTN and create a strategy to maintain and/or improve potential outcomes.
Influence the telecommunications sector competitive policies to attain a level playing field as well as monitor compliance with extant laws at the state and local government level.
Regularly engage with stakeholders to analyze the impact of current and future legislative and regulatory issues/trends
Create and manage a Relationship data base on MTN’s regional operations
Monitor key legislative opportunities and risks for the company and alert internal stakeholders about them while identifying possible solutions to potential challenges
Represent MTN at trade association, government, coalition and other industry stakeholder meetings
Engage directly with state and local government groups to strengthen MTN’s relationships with key decision makers
Undertake general & periodic audit of events and developments in the various segments of Government at the State & Local Council levels across Nigeria that impact on MTN operations
Build awareness among internal stakeholders of key state policy decisions affecting the telecommunications industry in the present and in the future
Cross functional interface with other units especially the Legislative Affairs Unit, to  improve the legislative environment and to help enhance MTN’s reputation in state capitals
Negotiate with various communities, resolve local community issues and differences and ensure harmonious relations exist.
Support management and advice MTN N on site lease and infrastructure sharing relationships, license conditions and compliance with regulations and legislation.
Collaborate with internal and external partners, especially infrastructure providers.
Advice stakeholder Groups within the company on compliance with relevant extant State & Local Government Policies & Laws
Build relationships with state and local government entities and identify risks and key legislative opportunities to drive MTN’s strategy and engagement at the state and local levels.
Continuously seek self-professional development to sharpen skills and capabilities in a versatile and evolving digital landscape.
Foster active collaboration and relationships with employees across all levels and divisions in line with MTN’s VB and values.

Normal MTNN working conditions
May be required to work extended hours
Tool of trade vehicle provided
Occasional travel (mostly local) often at short notice

Minimum 6 years’ experience which includes:
Minimum of 3 years’ experience in an area of specialization with experience in supervising/managing others.
In depth experience and understanding of the Nigerian telecommunications industry and regulatory framework
Experience in a commercial legal environment, alternatively within a legal & regulatory control body
Experience within the telecommunication environment is desirable
Effective stakeholder relationship management experience in a telecoms regulatory environment

People Management skills.
Project Management.
Courses, Seminars, Conferences  and workshops in Government Relations and Stakeholder Engagement
Management Development Program
Management Development Program

BA, BSc, BTech, LLB or HND


The role supports and continually improve the Enterprise Cyber security posture, provide technical expertise on all MTNN Enterprise wide Security related issues
Lead investigations and proactively assist Senior Management in defining strategies to protect MTNN’s data from attack.
Safeguard the organization by predicting, detecting, preventing and mitigating information security threats to MTNN
Ensure cybersecurity stays on the organizational radar by ensuring that the ROI is realized.
Support cybersecurity initiatives in conjunction with Group Cybersecurity team.
Design and implement security controls to safeguard and monitor events for information systems, enterprise applications and data.
Support the implementation of Information Security projects
Drive internal and external vulnerability assessment, penetration tests engagements and support remediation efforts
Respond to escalated security events and drive security incident response processes to ensure timely resolution with minimal disruption.
Support the design and deployment of  secure infrastructure solutions to enhance and evolve the security posture of the business, ensuring integrity, availability and confidentiality of all critical enterprise data.
Lead quarterly Red team & Blue team exercise to improve enterprise security.
Provide expertise on security tools, including but not limited to firewalls, Web Application firewalls, IDS/IDP, anti-malware software
Collaborate with the relevant teams to ensure that technical implementation plans are practical and implementations are managed to minimize risks and adverse impact to servers, workstations and user productivity.
Implement the infrastructure, configurations and processes to monitor security related events
Ensure all security system documentation is up to date
Support Business Risk Management in security related investigations
Drive the planning and action remedies required to prevent exposures to information security related threats
Perform security incident response and management
Develop projects’ key objectives, scope, success criteria and communicates them effectively to the project team and key stakeholders
Drive the acceptance and adoption of Insider Threat Program by closely working with legal, HR, compliance etc.
Collaborate with other security spe…ts across other OpCo’s as well as the Group Cybersecurity Team
Interface with relevant Support Teams to resolve security vulnerabilities within the Enterprise systems and Applications
Continuously seek self-professional development to sharpen skills and capabilities in a versatile and evolving digital landscape.
Foster active collaboration and relationships with employees across all levels and divisions in line with MTN’s VB and values.
Drive Knowledge Management and Best Practice Sharing within own Unit/Department/Division/Enterprise-wide as required

Normal MTNN working conditions
May be required to work extended hours
Open plan office

B.Eng or B.Tech

Minimum of 3 years experience in an area of Security spe…ation; with experience working with others
Experience working in a Large organization and preferably in the Telecommunications industry
Strong background as an Engineer/Architect in application security infrastructure and various network technologies to include devices such as firewalls, VPN, intrusion/extrusion detection, vulnerability & risk assessment tools, encryption technologies, virus/worm/malware prevention, E-business and web application technologies, Data Loss Prevention, whole disk & device encryption solutions, two-factor authentication, common Windows (desktop & server) platforms,
Experience with Microsoft, Solaris, Unix, Oracle and MS SQL
Experience working in telecommunications industry
Managing network and / or network security
Knowledge should be current with information security best practices and global trends
Knowledge of security best practices such as; defense in-depth, least privileges, need-to-know, separation of duties, access controls, encryption
User account identity, authorization and authentication management.
Security incident and event management
Experience in researching new or emerging technologies and processes that may be incorporated as solutions to reoccurring security concern

Penetration Testing
Vulnerability lifecycle management
Security Incidence Reponse
Systems Auditing,, Database Security, Firewall Design, Intrusion detection, system administration Implementation
Security enforcement on systems level, security audit and vulnerability  management
Telecommunications, Network, wireless & Internet Security.

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DUE DATE: 5 February, 2018