Hayat Kimya Job 2016 Offer

The history of Hayat Holding goes back to 1937, challenging times when Turkey was taking its first steps towards industrialization. Initially working in the wholesale fabric business, the Kigili Family entered the manufacturing industry in 1967, when Yahya Kigili started manufacturing fabrics. In 1969, Mr. Kigili launched the Kastamonu integrated chipboard plant, and in 1987, he founded Hayat Kimya, thus entering the FMCG industry. Hayat Kimya offers the Papia, Familia, Focus and Teno brands in the tissue category, the Bingo brand in the home-care category, the Molped brand in the sanitary padscategory, the Molfix brand in the baby diapers category, and the Joly and Evony brands in the adult diapers category. Hayat Kimya is a leading player in the FMCG industry, and one of the biggest global companies established by Turkish investors. Thanks to the investment and export projects it has launched in neighboring countries, Hayat Kimya is rapidly turning into a global enterprise, employing 5,200 people today. Operating in six countries with systems that comply with European standards, Hayat Kimya reaches consumers through an export network spanning 101 countries. The company produces detergents, hygienic pads and tissue at its Izmit factory. Home-care and hygienic products are manufactured at the Algeria Hayat DHC factory, hygienic products and tissue at the Iran Pars Hayat Healthcare Products Sehami Has factory, hygienic products and cleaning products at the Egyptian Hayat Hygienic Products S.A.E. factory, and cellulose and wrapping paper at the Bosnia-Herzegovina Natron HAYAT DOO factory.


Reports To : Finished Product Warehouse Leader

Place Of Work : Hayat Nigeria Plant (Agbara, Ogun State)

Objective : The purpose of this position is supervising and overseeing the entire process of shipment of the finished product and ensure its efficiency and smoothness.

1 Receive Sales orders through the Customer Service Team and process them on ERP system.

2 Issue picking list and necessary shipment documents to deliver them to the Warehousing team.

3 Coordinate with transportation providers to arrange the required shipment vehicles.

4 Coordinate with warehouse team to prepare the ordered quantities of products.

5 Issue delivery note for the transportation vehicles to be ready for shipment.

6 Follow up with the transportation provider companies to secure smooth shipment.

7 Supervise delivery representatives of Modern Trade accounts.

8 Prepare reports of distribution cycle as required.

9 Review shipment invoices and enter them on ERP system to get processed by the finance team.

10 Handle return order cycle in coordination with Finance department for credit note issuing as well as the Customer Service Team.

Health and Safety requirements
1 Follow the health and safety instructions and ensure safe work environment.

2 Perform the assigned tasks during the emergency fire call as well as to follow the security measurements and ensure that the sector workers are following the same measurements.

3 Ensure that all firefighting equipment within the workplace is placed properly and ready to be used.

4 Report any health & safety, quality assurance or work environment improvement suggestions to the direct manager.

5 Check the maintenance equipment in terms of health & safety.

6 Ensure that all the workers within the sector are following the health & safety instructions as well as the safe usage of the equipment & machinery taking into consideration all the necessary precautions for health & safety.

7 Report all emergency cases to the nearest Supervisor, Manager or concerned personnel according to the Factory Emergency Plan.

8 Perform the required tasks within the Risk Management Procedures.

1 Ensure the work efficiency throughout creating a healthy work environment as per the organization standards of performance as per the integrated Management System (of quality, work environment and health and safety instructions).

2 Ensure the best practice for equipment and machinery usage guaranteeing the maximum production, maintain the quality of the product as per required standards for the resources under the employee responsibility (such as manpower, production, machinery, materials, spare parts, etc.).

3 Ensure the specific usage of the equipment according to its manual, ensuring that all the safetysystems are in place.

4 Ensure the implementation of the equipment & machinery of the preventive maintenance program.

5 Perform all the assigned tasks of the position within the concerned departments in addition to any other assignments requested by the superiors benefiting from the technical skills, trainings and personal /technical experience continuing tutoring and coaching the same for other employees .

6 Ensure that the supervised employee’s Best performance, checking working hours, breaks, assigned by the management correct mistakes may occur.

7 Ensure the smooth workflow.

8 Maintain the workplace clean & tidy all over the shift.

9 Participate in any training/development schemes as recommended by the senior management.

1 Responsible for adhering to working hours and shifts

2 Responsible for adhering to company dress code and safety procedures

3 Responsible for reporting all types of machinery failure to direct manager

4 Responsible for keeping the working area clean and tidy

1 3-5 years of experience in logistics

2 Experience in FMCGs environment

3 Excellent planning and organization skills

4 Self-motivation

5 Analytical thinking and decision making

6 Capability to solve problems

7 Strong communication and negotiation skills ability to multi-task and work under stressful conditions

1 Graduate of any related study from accredited University Degree.

2 ERP knowledge.

Interested candidates should sumbit application on or before 12th January, 2016 to hr@hayat.ng

Note: Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted.

DUE DATE: 12 January, 2016